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Nothing works better than having the knowledge and the ability to affect our work with our knowledge.

Digital penetration is increasing at an astronomical rate to the point that human future existence and experience will depend substantially on them. DAYLAD sees the growing need to develop more people skilled in the application of digital solutions for e-commerce, construction, social interaction and business processes.

Retirement entrepreneurship training

At DAYLAD, our Directors are certified trainers with expertise in the management of training and development functions. We partner with organisations setting up new training units, developing organisational learning platforms and retooling their workforce for specific projects, to actualise their vision.

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Training customisation

Customisation enable us to modify our course content to peculiar task or projects. Our case studies, examples and workbook practice will be fully customised to relatable scenario of trainees. We help clients train team for projects using the Fastrack approach helping them to deliver projects with tight deadlines.

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Transforming lives in our design Labs

Our Design Labs are free learning environment set-up to train young and budding engineers in engineering analysis, products development and computer automated designs and drafting. We develop this mentorship approach internally in collaborations with Professional bodies like the Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE).

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Do you want to implement group learning for staff? Let us know about it.


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