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DAYLAD has developed one of the most effective technical and management training methodologies, our method has reduced the gestation period between warming and high performing personnel. We approach training in an integrated manner, combining background research, skill-gap analysis, real-work-scenario and instructional approach to develop simplified training modules. We are different because we focus on a specific training need per time, which help us to cover everything about the subject and thus produce high performing trainees.

We work with training departments to meet training needs and provide top-of-the-industry advisory and qualitative training services. Our training is bench-marked to deliver above 75% work improvement of trainees on post-training assessment.

Bespoke training packages

DAYLAD has a special ear for organisations with unique needs, learning can be done at some convenience Afterall, hence, we give room to your requirements, whereas you can choose your training location, venue, format the training should take and content scope.

Training Customisation

Customisation enable us to modify our course content to your particular task or job functions. Our case studies, examples and workbook practice will be fully customised to the real-life scenario to be encountered by the trainees. This may be required when team members are developed using the Fastrack approach, mostly when personnel are been adapted to new work environment or where there exist tight deadlines.

DAYLAD customisation includes developing a fully in-house training programme for your organisation.

Design Labs

Our Design Labs are almost free learning environment set-up to train young and under privileged engineers in engineering analysis, products development and engineering designs and drafting. This mentorship programme was developed in partnership with the Nigerian Society of Engineers.

See ongoing training programmes.

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