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Forging partnership, and growing businesses

DAYLAD promotes technical events as a way of staying connected with our primary industry, where we get to interact with key stakeholders, promote new thoughts and advance issues for the development and growth of engineering in Nigeria and Africa as a whole.

Products Launch

DAYLAD has worked with products and services companies to introduce new solutions to target stakeholders and groups.

Review our outings in the Events success stories section


DAYLAD has produced about 10 major industry technical exhibition events in the last 5 years, handled over 12,000 visitors and 250 Exhibitors. We have successfully worked on six major Conferences with above 3500 participants in attendance and has helped connect sellers to buyers.

Review our outings in the Events success stories section

Conferences, Seminars and Workshops

DAYLAD has developed and perfected its capacity to manage small to large scale conferences, seminars, and workshops. We help manage a whole programme, or sub-services within the whole such as sourcing resource persons and speakers, audio-visuals and stage design, participants’ registration and floor layout, setup and management.

Review our outings in the Events success stories section

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