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We are at the centre of the infrastructure value chain, enhancing the deployment, usage and assimilation of best software technology available. DAYLAD works with global leaders in Engineering Analysis and Design software development to build capacity and deliver world class infrastructure for Africa.

DAYLAD partners with the key infrastructure Ministries, Agencies, Constructors and Consulting firms in Nigeria to reduce about 197,000km of highways, 4,332km of railway tracks, 11.5million new households to be connected to national grid and about 52% requiring access to potable water and irrigation in the coming years of massive infrastructure spending.

We deliver software for Engineering Analysis & Design and construction

At DAYLAD, we always know the direction the engineering and construction industry is heading, we work closely with stakeholders, identifying trends, policy direction and the spending.

We provide the most cost-reflective pricing to our Clients, because we want you to recover your investment in good time, helping us to be sustainable through referrals and our support to your team. Talk to us for any software today.

We build capacity and expertise

Quite a number of software lie the shelves unutilized for the purposes for which they were acquired and become obsolete, due to unfriendly reseller training programme and weak follow-through with users. DAYLAD has been able to ensure full engagement of users through our follow-through training programme and project engagement that enable quick returns on investment.

For every software sold, we offer 3-months training and mentorship programme for upto 4 employees, helping them to learn the software and application to their common projects and problems. Our training evaluation process help us to identify specific training requirement of user-organisations and tailoring their training toward achieving quick gains.

We offer top notch training for both new users and experts. We consider that software requires life-time learning to bring users in tune with new updates, techniques and methods.

Visit our learning Centre for the next training.

We offer second-to-non technical support

We work with your team 24/7 resolving technical issues, offering zero downtime policy to our Clients is a way of pushing our value offering to the top of the trade. We believe effective support is the heart of the software business, and so, our support team are always ready to guide you on what to do and visit you whenever necessary.

Let us know about your project; Call Hotline on phone +234(09) 2915013 or email

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